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Author: Matthew Jeffery, Tax Director

Whilst many capital allowances firms outsource surveyors and offer a limited ‘valuation report’ only service, our in-house specialists enable us to offer the full package and do all the work for you.

We’ll lead you through the whole process from initial consultation to submission, and also resolve HMRC enquiries in the unlikely event that any arise. Furthermore, we also offer a building survey at no cost which is typically charged as an upfront cost of £999+ by other firms.

Our team’s wealth of experience has developed a concise format for preparing and submitting claims with HMRC. This methodology means we require minimal input from the property owners or their advisors and typically agree clients’ claims in just 4 weeks.

Claiming with Zeal:

Initial Consultation

By asking a few short and simple questions about your property such as purchase price and date, we can swiftly pre-qualify you for a claim.


A member of our technical team will review the case and provide an estimate of the tax savings we believe you could be entitled to.


If you wish to continue with your claim, one of our experienced surveyors will completed a capital allowances survey of your property to confirm the full scope of allowances available.

Capital Allowances Valuation Report (CAVR)

Following the survey completion, we’ll prepare a report which values the building structure, the land and all the qualifying fixtures within the property. We’ll also calculate the tax implications on your behalf as part of our process. This report is then sent for approval, either to yourself or your accountant.


Once you have approved the CAVR, we’ll submit the report to HMRC on your behalf. If required, we’ll also deal with any queries from HMRC, however we generally find that our reports rarely generate any queries.

To shine a light on the unclaimed tax savings in your commercial property or site, get in touch!