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As holiday parks reopen, saving money and growing revenue is key for owners as they head down the long road to recovery. Watching this webinar could be the most valuable 1-hour you spend – it offers park owners practical ideas for growth, could save you tens of thousands of pounds in tax and provide a better understanding of how to increase the value of your holiday park.

Three 20-minute talks that could maximise opportunities for your holiday park.

TALK 1: Save tens of thousands of pounds in tax for years to come plus you may even be able to claim a cash rebate from HMRC for overpaid taxes you didn’t even know you’d paid. In 2020 alone, Zeal identified over £9m in unclaimed tax relief for park owners which provided an average of £79k per park in tax savings.

TALK 2: Explore the impact of private equity and corporate funding on park value, and discuss finance, restructuring and disposals as well as how the influx of city money has increased park valuations (when based on an income assessment) and how this has in turn impacted the marketplace.

Talk 3: An analysis of funding options available for growth/development, acquisition, de-risking and sale covering: the investor and funding landscape, how to explore and maximise your options (plus the pros/cons and implications of each) and preparing and timing seeking funding.

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