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Foxham Inn is a multi-award winning Public House, Restaurant and B&B situated in the middle of the scenic Wiltshire surrounded by beautiful countryside views. The current owners purchased the property in 2006 for £400,000. Since acquisition, the owners have steadily improved and renovated the property with further facilities.


Capital allowances uncovered


Unlocked in total tax savings


Cash rebate (after fees)

What owners
Mr & Mrs Cooper said . . .

“I was contacted by a reliable source otherwise I wouldn't have entertained making a claim as I am just too sceptical. However, having thought of all the ways I could possibly be scammed (and coming to the conclusion that there weren't any ways I could lose) I went for it. I am so glad I did. I received a healthy tax repayment from HMRC and my January tax bill has just decreased by over half! Win Win! The work that is done is too technical for an ordinary accountant to manage as swiftly as they did so use Zeal rather than trying to do it yourself or with your own accountant. You will be pleased with the results! I was”.

Overview of the claim

Mr and Mrs Cooper were referred to our team from a previous client, and although they possessed initial reservations, they were willing to proceed knowing they had nothing to lose with our risk free, no-win, no-fee service.

To further reassure them, one of our tax specialists visited the owners face-to-face to discuss bespoke proposal the team had prepared for them and answer all their questions.

Qualifying items

Soon after, one of our expert surveyors visited the property and identified qualifying items such as electrical, heating and ventilation systems, hot and cold water, telecommunications, sanitaryware, fire protection and security systems as well as kitchen facilities, bar units and beer pumps.

Almost £94,000 in qualifying capital allowances was uncovered which generated more than £27,000 in tax savings for the owners. Furthermore, the owner’s received a cash rebate of £5,000 plus their next tax bill was decreased by more than 50%. The whole process took less than six weeks.

Our associations

We bring our specialist knowledge to the sector through our associations and membership with the Pubs Advisory Service (PAS).