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Packaging is essential from transporting and storing through to the presentation and protection of goods. The packaging industry is constantly innovating from its attempts to move towards greener and more sustainable materials to improvements in shelf life.

Whether your company is developing packaging for other businesses or your developing and improving your own designs there are many areas that can qualify for R&D Tax relief.

Examples of R&D activity within the Packaging sector include:

  • Achieving the same level of performance with biodegradable materials
  • Research into heat and cold tolerances of materials and how they perform when frozen or heated
  • Improving the shelf life of contents
  • Trialling and testing new printing methods and techniques
  • Research into improving the structural design performance
  • Development of innovative closure mechanisms such as re-sealable or magnetic
  • Trialling the reaction and performance of various inks and their chemical reaction when used on difference materials
  • Process efficiency improvements around cost and waste reduction during the manufacturing process.


We provide training, tailored to your business, that improves your understanding of the scheme to strengthen knowledge or awareness of R&D tax credits.


Our straightforward, jargon-free process ensure claims are robust against any HMRC scrutiny and improves or sets up internal processes to make future claims more efficient


Our forward-looking team embraces new ideas to deliver incredible tax savings coupled with expert approachable tax advice.

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Everything you need to know to make a claim for R&D tax credits.

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