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Capital Allowances Tax Relief with Zeal! Your business property
could contain thousands
in unclaimed tax savings!

If you own your business premises, you could be entitled to claim a specialist tax relief on the ‘embedded’ Capital Allowances found in and under your property. 


This includes fixtures such as electrical, water and heating systems, pipework, drainage, kitchens/bathrooms, alarms and more. Even if you converted outbuildings or have repaired/replaced original fixtures, you could still be entitled to make a claim.

Typically 20%-40%  of the price paid to purchase, refurbish or build the property is identified in unclaimed allowances. On average, we have found this amounts to £35,000  per property in cash repayments and future tax savings.

What are the benefits of claiming?

Reduce or even completely eliminate your next tax bill.

Unlock thousands of pounds in tax savings to mitigate future HMRC payments.

Generate a cash repayment for overpaid tax.

Embedded capital allowances are not typically claimed by an accountant. You need experts like Zeal to
help you claim this specialist Government tax relief. 

How much capital allowances tax relief
could you be due?

Our team can quickly confirm if you are eligible to claim embedded capital allowances tax relief by asking just a few brief questions.

Our calculator can give you an instant estimate of the savings you could potentially receive – whether that’s reducing your future tax payment or getting a cash rebate for tax you’ve already paid. Try it out below!

Before you start . . . Whilst our calculator is a useful tool in highlighting the potential financial benefit of capital allowances tax relief, you will need to speak to a member of our team to get a fully accurate valuation of your claim. Proper advice from our experts will ensure that no qualifying expenditure has been missed or undervalued.

Capital Allowances Calculator

Why Zeal?

Zeal are independent tax advisors and members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). We specialise in helping businesses claim this tax relief and could help you get your savings in as little as four weeks!

Unlike other firms, Zeal don’t just prepare a report detailing our findings, we do all the tax work, deal with HMRC on your behalf and offer an aftercare service to help you or your accountant apply your tax savings to future tax payments.