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All buildings, features and landmarks go through a design phase. Many of these require innovative solutions to overcome challenges, whether due to standard processes not being viable or uncertainty on how to achieve a desired result. Innovation is often at the core of architecture and can form a large part of phases 2-4 of RIBA Plans of Work, as well as occasionally phase 5.

The construction industry if one of the largest sectors that claim R&D Tax relief, so its no surprise that a lot of the planning and design work that takes place before construction begins would contain a lot of qualifying R&D activities.

Examples of R&D activity within the Architecture sector include:

  • Designing sustainable architecture to reduce energy loss and carbon footprint.
  • Integrating recyclable materials, solar and turbine energy, and on-site water treatment in innovative ways.
  • Developing new techniques to develop modular buildings.
  • Utilising non-standard materials where information on their performance is minimal.
  • Developing software to assist with computation designs.
  • Designing an innovative solution to achieve a complex aesthetical look.
  • Innovative use of BIM.
  • Developing and enhancing Virtual Reality and 3D visualisation tools.


With LLP structures being popular amongst architects, it’s important to remember that only Ltd companies can claim R&D Tax Relief. However, a corporate member of a LLP could make a claim of the costs incurred within the LLP proportional to its ownership share.


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