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The construction industry is full of highly skilled individuals and specialist firms that are often engaged to deliver solutions. Whether its overcoming challenges in civil or structural engineering; engineers are solving problems day in and day out. Despite this, the sector is considered to be one of the most underclaimed sectors as a lot of businesses just consider overcoming these challenges as part of their job, and therefore unaware that a lot of their projects could potentially qualify under the R&D tax schemes.

Examples of R&D activity within Civil Engineering include:

  • Increasing knowledge around soil remediation processes, geotechnical survey analysis, ground and foundation reinforcement in challenging site conditions.
  • Developing new ways to implement energy saving techniques and equipment.
  • Development of bespoke road and bridge designs to overcome drainage and structural challenges.
  • Designing water distribution systems and infrastructure.
  • Innovative retention wall design.
  • Creating bespoke and innovative lateral force resistance systems.
  • Design of new piling or tunnelling techniques in difficult site conditions unable to be achieved with standard construction methods.

Examples of R&D activity within Structural Engineering include:

  • Overcoming challenges of listed buildings with regards to restricted activities and processes that would normally be used.
  • Further advancements utilising the latest building technologies such as modular construction, innovative formwork designs or post-tensioning.
  • Overcoming difficulties around accessing construction sites through building process design improvements, including precast concrete design and implementation.
  • Optimising demolition techniques to improve the efficiency of
  • Advances in temporary roofing techniques utilising cantilevered scaffolds or temporary roofs due to site constraints, stability or complex designs.
  • Developing techniques to distribute a building’s load across fragile terrain, including innovative floor slab, raft foundation & cavity shell design.


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We provide training, tailored to your business, that improves your understanding of the scheme to strengthen knowledge or awareness of R&D tax credits.


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