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The food and drink industry is constantly undertaking R&D, whether companies are trying to improve the quality of their products, meet dietary requirements or trying to avoid the sugar tax; many of the challenges that they face and how they overcome them qualifies for R&D Tax Relief.

Qualifying activities within the industry extend beyond development of recipes for taste and nutritional content but also to the packaging of the products.

Examples of R&D activity within the Food & Drink sector include:

  • Development of new product formulations and manufacturing process specifications.
  • Improving nutritional properties whilst maintaining flavour and quality eg low fat, low calories, no trans-fat etc.
  • Eliminating allergens, preservatives and artificial dyes.
  • Reformulating an existing product with different raw ingredients.
  • Modifying an existing products stability, consistency, flavour, texture, form or shelf-life.
  • Scaling up production whilst maintaining the same quality as trial recipes.
  • Utilising existing or adaptation of new technologies from other industries for novel applications to improve food manufacturing processes or products.
  • Developing innovative packaging solutions (see below).


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We provide training, tailored to your business, that improves your understanding of the scheme to strengthen knowledge or awareness of R&D tax credits.


Our straightforward, jargon-free process ensure claims are robust against any HMRC scrutiny and improves or sets up internal processes to make future claims more efficient


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