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One of the most obvious industries where you would expect to find eligible R&D activities are the pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotech industries – where people might actually wear white lab coats.

Examples of R&D activity with the Pharma, Life Sciences & Biotech sectors include:

  • Phase I-III clinical trials, and potentially some aspects of Phase IV
  • Improving or creating new methods of drug delivery
  • Designing, developing, and testing assays/protocols
  • Improving drug formulations to reduce dosage or side effects or increase audience
  • Developing new technologies and devices to improve the identification and treatment of conditions
  • Software development to sync various healthcare services and providers
  • Finding additional uses for current medicines
  • Automating and scaling up your manufacturing process
  • Developing new medical devises; improving on the size, cost or portability without compromising on its performance
  • Developing devices to assist with surgical or non-surgical procedures


We provide training, tailored to your business, that improves your understanding of the scheme to strengthen knowledge or awareness of R&D tax credits.


Our straightforward, jargon-free process ensure claims are robust against any HMRC scrutiny and improves or sets up internal processes to make future claims more efficient


Our forward-looking team embraces new ideas to deliver incredible tax savings coupled with expert approachable tax advice.

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