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The software sector is without question the largest area in which companies submit claims – whether software development companies or retail, educational or other businesses who whilst their core trade isn’t the development of software they have undertaken a R&D project in the field of computer sciences.

What is key is that your company has undertaken, or significantly overseen, the development beyond simply supplying an outside company with a specification.

Examples of R&D activity within the Software sector include:

  • Developing AI or machine learning platforms.
  • Improving the functionality or performance of existing software packages.
  • Developing a software package to integrate existing systems of different technologies.
  • Extending database software, operating systems or programme languages.
  • Developing augmented or virtual reality platforms.
  • Resolving technical challenges when integrating software with legacy systems.
  • Developing websites beyond using standard packages.


average claim by SME's in the software industry


average claim by large software companies


of all claims in the UK


We provide training, tailored to your business, that improves your understanding of the scheme to strengthen knowledge or awareness of R&D tax credits.


Our straightforward, jargon-free process ensure claims are robust against any HMRC scrutiny and improves or sets up internal processes to make future claims more efficient


Our forward-looking team embraces new ideas to deliver incredible tax savings coupled with expert approachable tax advice.

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